[GIT PULL] Add ktest.pl to tools/testing/ktest

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Wed Jan 05 2011 - 11:11:41 EST

Linus (et. al.)

As I announced at Kernel Summit, I created a simple kernel test program
that allows a developer to test their kernels with various randconfigs.

It also performs automated git bisects, and serial patch testing.

It can even do a config bisect, which I've used several times to find
that one config that breaks the kernel.

Each of these tests have three kinds of test types:

1) build - This is the simplest of the tests. It just makes sure that
the kernel compiles without error.

2) boot - This not only builds the kernel, but also makes sure that the
kernel boots. You need to have a way to read the console via stdout,
which the tool checks to see if you make it to a login prompt (or
something else if you change the config file).

3) test - This builds, and boots the kernel, and on success of booting,
it will execute some command. You could do a 'ssh host ...' to remotely
kick off a test. It can be any shell script that must exit with 0 on
success and non zero on error.

It comes with a very documented sample config file and a test (for me)
that makes sure all the options in ktest.pl exist also in the sample
config file, so I do not forget to document any new features.

Most of the configs have defaults that you do not need to worry about. I
could add lots of small sample configs for people to start with too.

Anyway, a lot of people asked me to push this into the kernel, so I'm
posting my pull request now. I've kept the history of the development in
the git tree. I'm not posting all the patches as I'm not sure people
care about them. Below is the diffstat and change log. For the final
result of ktest.pl your can see these files:


The previous announcement can be found here:


The following patches are in:


branch: master

Steven Rostedt (30):
Initial start of ktest.pl
ktest: New features: noclean, dodie, poweroff on error and success
ktest: New features reboot on error, make options
ktest: Bisecting, install modules, add logging
ktest: Added better console, add test build
ktest: Added reboot on success
ktest: Added patchcheck
ktest: Add reverse bisect, better logging, copyright
ktest: Added continuing on success, clear log and timeout
ktest: Add open and close console and start stop monitor
ktest: Added sample.conf, new %default option format
ktest: Add POST_INSTALL to allow initrds to be created
ktest: Add poweroff after halt and powercycle after reboot
ktest: New TEST_START instead of using [], and use real SHA1s
ktest: Update the sample config file with more documentation
ktest: Use oldnoconfig instead of yes command
ktest: Write to stdout if no log file is given
ktest: Use $output_config instead of typing $outputdir/.config
ktest: Allow a test case to undefine a default value
ktest: Output something easy to parse for failure or success
ktest/cleanups: Added version 0.2, ssh as options
ktest: Added config_bisect test type
ktest: Added compare script to test ktest.pl to sample.conf
ktest: Updated the sample.conf for the latest options
ktest: Use different temp config name for minconfig
ktest: Parse off the directory name in useconfig for failures
ktest: Added force stop after success and failure
ktest: For grub reboot, use run_ssh instead of run_command
ktest: Copy the last good and bad configs in config_bisect
ktest: Ask for the manditory config options instead of just failing

tools/testing/ktest/compare-ktest-sample.pl | 30 +
tools/testing/ktest/ktest.pl | 2023 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
tools/testing/ktest/sample.conf | 622 ++++++++
3 files changed, 2675 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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