[PATCH 0/6] Various Enhancements for PMC-Sierra MSP SoC support

From: Anoop P.A
Date: Tue Jan 25 2011 - 03:02:39 EST

From: Anoop P A <anoop.pa@xxxxxxxxx>

Following Series of patches add various enahancements for PMC-Sierra
MSP71xx family of SoC's platform hooks, including MIPS MT mode support
and support for various onchip devices like USB and Ethernet.

Anoop P A (6):
set up MSP VPE1 timer.
Vectored interrupt support.
MIPS MT kernel modes ( VSMP/SMTC ) support for MSP platforms.
Platform support MSP onchip USB controller.
Platform support for On-chip MSP ethernet devices.
Cpu features overrides for msp platforms.
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