Re: [PATCH] crash_dump: export is_kdump_kernel to modules,consolidate elfcorehdr_addr, setup_elfcorehdr and saved_max_pfn

From: WANG Cong
Date: Wed Jan 26 2011 - 00:24:51 EST

On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 17:10:52 +0100, Olaf Hering wrote:

> The Xen PV drivers in a crashed HVM guest can not connect to the dom0
> backend drivers because both frontend and backend drivers are still in
> connected state. To run the connection reset function only in case of a
> crashdump, the is_kdump_kernel() function needs to be available for the
> PV driver modules.
> Consolidate elfcorehdr_addr, setup_elfcorehdr and saved_max_pfn into
> kernel/crash_dump.c Also export elfcorehdr_addr to make
> is_kdump_kernel() usable for modules.
> Leave 'elfcorehdr' as early_param(). This changes powerpc from
> __setup() to early_param(). It adds an address range check from x86
> also on ia64 and powerpc.

Hmm, once we export is_kdump_kernel() I bet some driver will start
to use it to "fix" kdump problem, which definitely is a wrong approach.

I am not familiar with Xen at all, don't know why you have to use
is_kdump_kernel() in this case. You need to persuade people to believe
this is a fix not a workaround. :)

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