Re: Common boot/shutdown issues with the latest 2.6.37 (Mostly Asuslaptops)

From: Lionel Debroux
Date: Wed Jan 26 2011 - 02:40:45 EST

>>>>> * 2.6.35 series: .4 and .6 boot successfully, .8 and .10 fail;
>>>>> * 2.6.36 series: -rc2 boots successfully, .1 fails;
>>>>> * 2.6.37 series: -rc4 fails.
>>>> So it's probably a commit to the mainline tree which was picked
>>>> by 2.6.35 maintainer to the stable tree (probably it was CC'ed)
>>>> cause this.
>>>> Does passing nolapic or acpi=off cures the issue?
>>> IIRC, I tested at least one of these, without improvement.
>>> I'll test again tonight, when I can physically access the
>>> computer.
>> None of nolapic, acpi=off, nolapic acpi=off enables to
>> boot on my ASUS F3Jv-AS022P.
>> The kernel line is
>> kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda9 nomce vga=791 nomodeset
>> I've attached the config.
> looks like you've bisected as far as:
> good
> bad
> can you try and continue on to find which specific patch
> in .stable broke your machine?
The bisection between and is in progress, two steps
left and no good kernel found yet (?!)
Due to not having physical access to the computer during work time, I
won't be able to finish until tonight.

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