RE: [PATCH 0/2][concept RFC] x86: BIOS-save kernel log to disk uponpanic

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 13:35:32 EST

> - A bar code is encoded and i generally want to know what info i'm sending to
> potentially untrusted parties ... also, i want to be sure i'm sending the right
> oops, at a glance, before hitting 'send' on the email.

Maybe someone will write an iPhone/Android/Meego app that takes the picture, does
The decode and lets you look, together with options on whether to just send to
Your e-mail address, or to Cc; kerneloops?

> - A screenshot of a well-compressed oops output tells a lot of context as well:
> surrounding kernel messages, general state of the system when it crashed.
> Sometimes it tells me the type of the laptop as well, via the logo visible on the
> border of the picture ;-) Context strengthens whether i can *trust* the oops -
> and often i'm really in doubt about oopses and want more context.

Perhaps some of this context can be encoded in the barcode too?

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