Re: One (possible) x86 get_user_pages bug

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 14:27:28 EST

On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 10:27 -0800, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
> So is there some way we can preserve the current scheme's benefits while
> making it a bit more general? (If anyone else has non-IPI-based
> shootdown, it would be s390; is there some inspiration there? An
> instruction perhaps?)

Well, you can provide a xen gupf implementation based on rcu freed
page-tables like powerpc, sparc and s390 have.

But you'll have to change the mmu_gather implementation of xen and use
the get_page_unless_zero() thing mentioned before (or use

But I see no need to change the x86 implementation, if the architecture
ever changes the way it does tlb invalidation we need to change more
than just the gupf implementation.

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