[BUGFIX][PATCH 0/4] Fixes for memcg with THP

From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 22:29:09 EST

On recent -mm, when I run make -j 8 under 200M limit of memcg, as
# mount -t cgroup none /cgroup/memory -o memory
# mkdir /cgroup/memory/A
# echo 200M > /cgroup/memory/A/memory.limit_in_bytes
# echo $$ > /cgroup/memory/A/tasks
# make -j 8 kernel

I see hangs with khugepaged. That's because memcg's memory reclaim
routine doesn't handle HUGE_PAGE request in proper way. And khugepaged
doesn't know about memcg.

This patch set is for fixing above hang. Patch 1-3 seems obvious and
has the same concept as patches in RHEL.

Patch 4 may need discussion. I think this version is much simpler
because I dropped almost all cosmetics. Please review.

This patch is onto mmotm-0125.


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