Re:New Email From A Friend

From: Mr. David Freeman
Date: Sun Jan 30 2011 - 20:51:47 EST

I am David Freeman, a principal partner at Paull & Williamsons Solicitors
in Scotland.I am contacting you because I would like to request for your
undivided attention and trust in assisting with the transfer of the funds
of my deceased client as next of kin before the British Treasury can
commence the confiscation procedures. I advice that there should be utmost
confidentiality in all matters I shall discuss with you because it is only
on this premise of reliability and implicit trust in our capabilities that
the exact dividends of this proposal will be achieved. Privileged
information and official instruments at my disposal will enable this
proposal in the right perspective for a 100% successful execution rate, it
is therefore paramount for me to be assured of your discretion in handling
details of this proposal which I will discuss with you once I receive an
acknowledgment of this email from you with the assurance that you will
work hand-in-hand with me to see these funds released to you. I await your
response which should be sent ONLY to my personal email at

David S. Freeman
Email: davidfreemanlawfirm02@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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