Re: flex_array related problems on selinux policy loading

From: Steffen Klassert
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 03:08:45 EST

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 08:10:16AM -0800, Dave Hansen wrote:
> > If we would make
> > flex_array of dynamic size, say metadata plus the maximum size of the array
> > in the case that the metadata and the array fit into a single page, and
> > metadata plus space for all the base pointers we need to dereference the
> > parts, if the metadata and array is beyond page size. With this, the struct
> > flex_array would have a reasonable size in any case, even if the array to
> > store is small or of zero size.
> Sounds like a good idea to me. Done right, it should only really affect
> the allocation path since we use kmalloc() already, and we can still
> plain kfree() it.

I started to look into making flex_array of dynamic size.
There are al lot of structural changes necessary, so I think this
is too much just to fix a zero size allocation bug. So
lets fix it like you proposed it by allocating the flex_array
in any case and accept that it will be of PAGE_SIZE by now.
Making flex_array of dynamic size can wait for 2.6.39 I think.

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