Re: DMA40 improvements

From: Linus Walleij
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 06:15:30 EST

On 01/31/2011 07:17 AM, Dan Williams wrote:
On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 2:18 AM, Linus Walleij
<linus.walleij@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Dan,

Here is a number of DMA40 hardening patches, and at last a
cyclic DMA implementation.

Hi Linus when sending large sets of patches please include a few more
sentences of summary, a shortlog, and a diffstat (similar to the info
git request-pull produces). The former gives me a better idea of what
I am looking at, the latter two help me confirm that I applied what
you expected in the right order.

OK I know I've been bad at this, I'll learn...

I currently have:

Rabin Vincent (32):
dma40: make init function static
dma40: ensure event lines get enabled
dma40: remove "hardware link with previous jobs" code
dma40: use helper for channel registers base
dma40: use helpers for channel type check
dma40: use helpers for error functions
dma40: fix comment to refer to SOCs rather than boards
dma40: allow realtime and priority for event lines
dma40: remove unnecessary ALIGN()s
dma40: use sg_dma_address() instead of sg_phys()
dma40: fix DMA API usage for LCLA
dma40: fix DMA API usage for LLIs
dma40: remove unnecessary casts
dma40: implement prep_memcpy as a wrapper around memcpy_sg
dma40: combine desc init functions
dma40: combine duplicated d40_pool_lli_alloc() calls
dma40: remove duplicated dev addr code
dma40: combine mem and slave sg-to-lli functions
dma40: remove export of stedma40_memcpy_sg
dma40: combine mem and slave prep_sg functions
dma40: move lli_load to main source file
dma40: combine duplicated code in log_sg_to_dev
dma40: unify d40_log_sg_to_lli funcs for mem and slave
dma40: pass the info pointer all the way to reduce argument count
dma40: unify src/dst addr check
dma40: make d40_log_buf_to_lli static
dma40: use flags to reduce parameter count
dma40: extract lcla code into separate function
dma40: handle failure to allocate first LCLA
dma40: fix DMA_SG capability and channels
dma40: stop ongoing transfers in DMA_TERMINATE_ALL
dma40: cyclic xfer support

arch/arm/plat-nomadik/include/plat/ste_dma40.h | 22 +-
drivers/dma/ste_dma40.c | 1402 +++++++++++-------------
drivers/dma/ste_dma40_ll.c | 218 ++---
drivers/dma/ste_dma40_ll.h | 66 +-
4 files changed, 761 insertions(+), 947 deletions(-)

This matches my topic branch 100%, so it's correct.

Linus Walleij

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