Re: [PATCH 2/4] pidns: Call pid_ns_prepare_proc from create_pid_namespace

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 09:21:40 EST

On 01/31/2011 03:02 PM, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
On 01/31, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
On 01/31/2011 02:22 PM, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
On 01/31, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
@@ -96,6 +97,9 @@ static struct pid_namespace *create_pid_namespace(struct pid_namespace *parent_p
for (i = 1; i< PIDMAP_ENTRIES; i++)
atomic_set(&ns->pidmap[i].nr_free, BITS_PER_PAGE);

+ if (pid_ns_prepare_proc(ns))
+ goto out_free_map;
return ns;
This is not right, afaics. I already sent the similar patches, but
they were ignored ;)

Please see

If pid_ns_prepare_proc() fails we shouldn't blindly return ENOMEM
and, more importantly, we need put_pid_ns(parent_ns).
Oh, ok. Right. Thanks for the pointer.

Are you ok if I replace the patch 2/4 with your patch ?
My patch depends on 1/4,

Your change looks very similar to 1/4 + 3/4. Just fix the problem
in create_pid_namespace(), no need to replace.

Ok, will do.

Thanks Oleg.

-- Daniel

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