Re: Fwd: [PATCH] bq27x00_battery: Add new properties

From: Pali RohÃr
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 15:04:26 EST

2011/1/31 Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 08:35:47PM +0100, Pali RohÃr wrote:
>> Can you give me example how to use MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE (if alias is
>> not good solution)?
> git grep MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE\(i2c
> provides quite a few examples.

Thanks. I removed MODULE_ALIAS and added MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE. modinfo
tell me that module has alias too (same as my defined).

Pali RohÃr
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