Re: Common boot/shutdown issues with the latest 2.6.37 (Mostly Asuslaptops)

From: Ozan ÃaÄlayan
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 16:04:56 EST

On 31.01.2011 22:42, Ozan ÃaÄlayan wrote:

Well I've actually a screenshot of the boot hang with tons of debugging
parameters passed to kernel. Maybe it will give you a clue. It hangs
right after printing e820 system memory map.

Well the line that is printed just after when booting with nolapic is NX (Execute Disable) protection: active
generated by x86_report_nx().

I looked through kernel/setup.c and can't really see anything between setup_memory_map() which dumps the e820 map and x86_report_nx() which could be affected by ACPI or nolapic. BTW, I've just seen that nolapic is only significant on X86_32. I didn't know that.

Pardus Linux
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