Re: regression - 2.6.36 -> 2.6.37 - kvm - 32bit SMP guests don'tboot

From: Avi Kivity
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 05:17:54 EST

On 02/24/2011 01:42 AM, Nikola Ciprich wrote:
Hello Avi et al,
seems like I've hit regression in 2.6.37:
32bit SMP centos guest stopped booting, they just hang during initrd phase. (haven't tried
different distros)
UP guest are OK.
when I (forcibly) compiled kvm-kmod- and used it in 2.6.37, even
the SMP guests boot fine.
does somebody have a tip on where the problem could be, or should I bisect this?
I tried on 2 different machines, host is x86_64, qemu-kvm 0.13.0, 0.14.0.
If I shall provide more information (or bisect), please let me know.

Bisect is of course great, if laborious. Meanwhile can you post 'info registers' for all cpus? Is the guest consuming cpu? kvm_stat output?

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