Re: [PATCH 07/12] n_tracerouter and n_tracesink additions.

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 06:50:17 EST

> > > +#define N_TRACESINK 23 /* Trace data routing for MIPI P1149.7 */
> > > +#define N_TRACEROUTER 24 /* Trace data routing for MIPI P1149.7 */
> >
> > Two new ones? Really? Alan, no objection from you on this?
> I'll let Alan chime in, but I did have Alan review this code before I
> submitted here.

There isn't really an elegant way of avoiding that. What probably does
want doing for a final merge is to make them more generic. So that
anything can be a source or a sink that meets a basic interface.

Then you'd be able to do

set ldisc to tracesink
ioctl (something or other) "attach to sink of
name 'modem/mipi/p1149.7'

or similar.

That would need a struct of some sort and a register_sink/unregister_sink
method. Ditto for tracerouter. Obviously for now only the current drivers
would support it but the interface is then there for anything else

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