Re: [path][rfc] add PR_DETACH prctl command

From: Stas Sergeev
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 10:14:04 EST

24.02.2011 16:29, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
And I really think there is no other
way to daemonize the process with threads, than to use something
like this patch, or is there?
Depends on what "daemonize" means. Even with this patch, setsid()
after PR_DETACH can fail because we do not change the pids and
the caller can still be pgrp leader.
Yes, I am using TIOCNOTTY ioctl instead.
It doesn't detach the entire group from tty though, but the plan
is to implement also TIOCNOTTY_GRP, in case PR_DETACH is done.

And. What if the parent of PR_DETACH caller blocks or ignores
SIGCHLD or simply doesn't call do_wait()? The caller can run with
PR_DETACH set without any effect "forever".
I am currently rewriting the patch to solve this all.
What I am trying to do now, is to reparent directly in prctl(),
but delay the list_move_tail(&p->sibling, &p->real_parent->children);
to the wait() call. If this is a feasible solution, I'll post the new patch.

So, to be honest, I do not think this idea will be accepted, and I don't
really understand your motivation. But once again, I never argue with the
"we need this feature" requests, no need to convince me.
Lets see if the clean implementation is possible first. :)

The problem is that ptrace uses this ->exit_code member as well.
Suppose that the (ptraced) task calls PR_DETACH and, say, recieves
a signal after that. See ptrace_signal().
Also do_signal_stop() seems to alter it.
Do you mean right now it can't happen that multiple events
alter the exit_code, and the parent notices only the last one?
In this case I need to add a separate variable.

I understand why you added PF_EXITING. And, once again, this is not
right afaics. The current condition is more or less "random" and mostly
historical, although correct. If we want to take PF_EXITING into account,
we should just add BUG_ON(!(tsk->flags& PF_EXITING)). IOW, it is just
wrong to call this function unless this tsk exits.
OK, I'll address also this.

Thanks for your time, I am hoping to post the patch that addresses
the pointed problems.
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