Re: [CFS Bandwidth Control v4 3/7] sched: throttle cfs_rq entitieswhich exceed their local quota

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 10:53:47 EST

On Thu, 2011-02-24 at 21:15 +0530, Bharata B Rao wrote:
> While I admit that our load balancing semantics wrt thorttled entities are
> not consistent (we don't allow pulling of tasks directly from throttled
> cfs_rqs, while allow pulling of tasks from a throttled hierarchy as in the
> above case), I am beginning to think if it works out to be advantageous.
> Is there a chance that the task gets to run on other CPU where the hierarchy
> isn't throttled since runtime is still available ?

Possible yes, but the load-balancer doesn't know about that, not should
it (its complicated, and broken, enough, no need to add more cruft to

I'm starting to think you all should just toss all this and start over,
its just too smelly.
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