Re: [Stable-review] [28/70] staging: brcm80211: bugfix for softmaccrash on multi cpu configurations

From: Greg KH
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 13:22:41 EST

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 02:10:47PM +0100, Roland Vossen wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> >>So, what should I do here? Drop the referenced patch from the
> >>.37-stable queue, or do you have the text for the changelog that I
> >>should use here instead?
> >>
> >>confused,
> >>
> >
> >Dito here. I submitted a patch for the stable kernel and Roland did one
> >(if I am correct). I have no clue how his commit message came with my
> >patch or vice versa.
> >
> Let me try to clear up part of the confusion.
> The short story is: for some mysterious reason, a patch exists that
> is a mixup of two patches (one from Arend and one from me). It
> contains the commit message from me, but the file changes from
> Arend. This 'hybrid' patch was submitted for review by you. This
> patch did not make it yet into the 2.6.37-stable tree.
> Also, neither Arends nor my Patch ended up in the 2.6.37-stable tree.
> To fix this problem, I think that this hybrid patch has to be review
> rejected. Next, new patches have to be created based on Rolands
> patch (6a3be6e6e7feb4cb35275475d6a863b748d59cc3, as submitted into
> gregkh/staging-2.6.git::staging-linus branch) as well as Arends
> patch (d062d44a8386c82c06e483f0c0d1124ba3cab2c8). These patches
> would then have to be reviewed for the 2.6.37-stable tree.

Ok, I'm going to drop this patch now.

Can someone create the needed patches for the .37-stable tree that
should be included and send them to me and cc: stable@xxxxxxxxxx so I
can queue them up for the next .37-stable release after this?


greg k-h
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