Re: [PATCH v4 2/2] Defines DA850/AM18xx/OMAPL1-38 SOC resources usedby PRUSS UIO driver

From: Sergei Shtylyov
Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 08:23:27 EST


On 25-02-2011 16:02, Hans J. Koch wrote:

This patch defines PRUSS, ECAP clocks, memory and IRQ resources
used by PRUSS UIO driver in DA850/AM18xx/OMAPL1-38 devices. UIO

It's OMAP-L138.

From the TI wiki: "The PRU subsystem is supported on
OMAP-L1x8/C674m/AM18xx devices (where m is an even number)."

I meant there's a typo in "OMAPL1-38".


WBR, Sergei
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