Re: [PATCH] firmware: Allow release-specific firmware dir

From: Jeff Mahoney
Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 10:03:15 EST

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On 02/25/2011 12:01 AM, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> 25.02.2011 05:39, Jeff Mahoney wrote:
>> Every kernel package trying to provide files under /lib/firmware runs
>> into problems really quickly with multiple kernels installed.
> Which problems?
>> This patch moves them to /lib/firmware/$KERNELRELEASE. udev v127's
>> looks there first before falling back to /lib/firmware.
> This was the way it worked before, -- all fw in kernel-specific dir.
> Nowadays it moved to a common place, /lib/firmware, since the blobs
> there are not kernel-specific but hardware-specific. And now you
> propose to move it back. Why?

Because every time you run 'make modules_install', it overwrites
whatever is in /lib/firmware when there is a collision. When you're
working with multiple kernel versions, you can end up with firmware
blobs from older builds, and that may not be what you want. If the right
answer is to always use kernel-firmware, then the firmwares should
probably not be in the kernel tree at all.

As I mentioned in the header, udev looks in /lib/firmware/$(uname -r)
already. Since Aug 2008, in fact.

- -Jeff

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Jeff Mahoney
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