Re: [PATCH 2/4] msm: iommu: Rework clock logic and add IOMMU busclock control

From: Stepan Moskovchenko
Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 17:10:05 EST

On 2/24/2011 11:29 PM, Trilok Soni wrote:
Hi Steve,


@@ -130,117 +131,134 @@ static int msm_iommu_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
struct resource *r, *r2;
struct clk *iommu_clk;
+ struct clk *iommu_pclk;
struct msm_iommu_drvdata *drvdata;
struct msm_iommu_dev *iommu_dev = pdev->dev.platform_data;
const please.

I am not clear on what you mean. Please be more specific here.

+ iommu_pclk = clk_get(NULL, "smmu_pclk");
+ if (IS_ERR(iommu_pclk)) {
+ ret = -ENODEV;
+ goto fail;
+ }
I am not a big fan of this when you have the "device" around. You should just do

iommu_pclk = clk_get(&pdev->dev, NULL);

...error logic...

iommu_clk = clk_get(&pdev->dev, "iommu_clk");

...error logic...

The pclk is a "special" bus clock and does not have a specific device instance associated with it, so passing a device would not be appropriate in this case. I pass the device for other clocks that are indeed associated with devices, but this is not one of them. I suppose we could create 11 or 12 aliases for the pclk and associate it with all the IOMMU devices, but I would prefer to avoid doing that as I believe the current approach is cleaner.

- ret = -EBUSY;
- goto fail;
- }
+ len = r->end - r->start + 1;

resource_size please.


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