Re: Performance/resume issues on Toshiba NB305

From: Seth Forshee
Date: Sat Feb 26 2011 - 10:00:42 EST

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 09:58:25PM -0800, Burt Triplett wrote:
> Looks like the Toshiba NB305 has an Intel Atom processor in it.
> bits-327, released today, now detects Intel Atom processors, and no
> longer shows them as unknown. We don't have any processor-specific
> tests for Atom yet, though we may add some in the future. All of
> the general tests should work, however.

The new release detects the Atom processor okay, but in bits-327 the
system resets during the SMI frequency/latency test, whereas it didn't
with bits-316.

> Can you provide more details on which MSRs show up as inconsistent
> on your system? They might represent actual bugs in your BIOS, but
> we might just need to add a few more entries to the Atom
> CPU-specific MSR blacklist as expected inconsistencies.

Here's what it says:

(MSR 0x39 consistent): FAIL
(MSR 0x199 consistent): FAIL
(MSR 0x1a0 consistent): FAIL
Summary: 7917 passed, 3 failed

I have 3 systems with this same processor, and they all report the same
thing here.


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