Re: [klibc] [PATCH] build: Define __EXPORTED_HEADER__

From: Sam Ravnborg
Date: Sat Feb 26 2011 - 17:23:04 EST

> > For instance, it should be easy to change the klibc build process from
> > requiring to link to the kernel source to automatically installing the
> > kernel headers into the klibc object directory.
> I'm not against this idea, but is this something that works (and that
> people can actually do given the state of the klibc tree at this
> point)?
Yes - it worked last time I played around with it.
> Maybe I don't understand what benefit is had by having a separate
> install_headers step that does not much more than copy headers from
> the kernel source tree into the klibc object tree as part of the
> vmlinux build.
The headers generated are the headers supposed to be used by user-space.
klibc and glibc is just two obvious candidates.

> I believe the original motivation of klibc was to maintain a minimal
> libc implementation that would mature to the point where we are
> capable of building userland binaries in the kernel source tree (so
> that some hairy legacy functionality currently implemented in
> kernel-space could be cleaned up and moved into early-userspace
> targets). I don't know why this effort has subsided, though I can
> imagine that lack of will and time were large factors.
> What you are proposing seems to me like a step towards giving up on
> this noble goal :(
You seem to be confusing something here. Even if klibc is one day
included in the kernel source then we should continue to use
the headers generated using "make headers_install" for building klibc.

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