Possible bug, with extreme low latency audio.

From: Uwaysi Bin Kareem
Date: Mon Feb 28 2011 - 20:59:00 EST


I have shaved a kernel for features I suspected to add to os-jitter, to get the lowest possible latency from it.
The kernel is 2.6.36-zen0
The .config is http://www.paradoxuncreated.com/tmp/.config

What happens is, if I set my audioapp, (renoise) to extremely low latencies, (96khz, 8 samples buffers x 2), the audio seems to be distorting and speeding up, while having periods of normal playback.

With other kernel configurations, I have just experienced, glitches, which is typical of buffer underruns.
This kernel config though, reduces the overall os-jitter, so I could push the latency much lower. However then I stumbled on this problem.

Best Regards,
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