Re: [stable] [PATCH]x86: flush tlb if PGD entry is changed in i386PAE mode

From: Greg KH
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 11:55:19 EST

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 11:37:29AM +0800, Shaohua Li wrote:
> According to intel CPU manual, every time PGD entry is changed in i386 PAE mode,
> we need do a full TLB flush. Current code follows this and there is comment
> for this too in the code. But current code misses the multi-threaded case. A
> changed page table might be used by several CPUs, every such CPU should flush
> TLB.
> Usually this isn't a problem, because we prepopulate all PGD entries at process
> fork. But when the process does munmap and follows new mmap, this issue will be
> triggered. When it happens, some CPUs will keep doing page fault.
> See:
> Reported-by: Yasunori Goto<y-goto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Shaohua Li<>
> Tested-by: Yasunori Goto<y-goto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This is not how you submit something to the stable kernel tree. Please
go read Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt for how to do it properly.


greg k-h
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