Re: That's up with git1? Or with me?

From: Piotr Hosowicz
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 12:53:51 EST

On 16.03.2011 14:13, Piotr Hosowicz wrote:

I tried to have a new kernel for 2.6.38-git1 kernel and tried to apply
the patch, but it failed for the Makefile (it didn't expect rc8 suffix)
and 40 failures for fs/namei.c file. I took the file from my GIT tree
updated from Linus' repo. It seems to work, as you see ;-) But I am
curious what I am doing wrong?

It was my fault, I had wrong base for the patch, rc8 instead of plain 2.6.38.

Regards and sorry for the noise.

Piotr Hosowicz

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