Re: [PATCH 1/8] drivers/random: Cache align ip_random better

From: George Spelvin
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 15:46:00 EST

>> 1) A smart compiler could note the alignment and issue wider copy
>> instructions. (Especially on alignment-required architectures.)

> Right, that part of it would benefit from stronger alignment,
> but does not generally need cacheline alignment.

Agreed. The only reason the structure is cacheline aligned is to keep
it all in a single cache line, and swapping the order of the elements
made the buffer more aligned without hurting the counter.

>> 2) The cacheline fetch would get more data faster. The data would
>> be transferred in the first 6 beats of the load from RAM (assuming a
>> 64-bit data bus) rather than waiting for 7, so you'd finish the copy
>> 1 ns sooner or so. Similar 1-cycle win on a 128-bit Ln->L(n-1) cache
>> transfer.

> That argument worries me. I don't know enough to say whether you are
> correct or not. But if you are correct, then it worries me that your
> patch will be the first of a trickle growing to a stream to an avalanche
> of patches where people align and reorder structures so that the most
> commonly accessed fields are at the beginnng of the cacheline, so that
> those can then be accessed minutely faster.
> Aargh, and now I am setting off the avalanche with that remark.
> Please, someone, save us by discrediting George's argument.

It was mostly #1 and #3. The *important* thing is to minimize the number
of cache lines touched by common operations, which has already been the
subject of a lot of kernel patches.

Remember, most hardware does have critical-word-first loads. So alignment
to the width of the data bus is enough. "Keep it naturally aligned" is
all that's necessary, and most kernel data structures already obey that.

I was just extending it, because I wanted to make it *possible* to use
wider loads.

>> As I said, "infinitesimal". The main reason that I bothered to
>> generate a patch was that it appealed to my sense of neatness to
>> keep the 3x16-byte buffer 16-byte aligned.

> Ah, now you come clean! Yes, it does feel neater to me too;
> but I doubt that would be sufficient justification by itself.

It took both factors to make it worth it to me. The real reason was:
1) Neater
2) Definitely not slower
3) Maybe a tiny bit faster
Conclusion: do it.

Sorry to alarm you.
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