Re: Typo in linux-2.6.38/arch/x86/kernel/entry_32.S

From: Eric Valette
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 16:32:37 EST

On 16/03/2011 21:22, Steven Rostedt wrote:
On Wed, 2011-03-16 at 21:09 +0100, Eric Vlette wrote:
On 16/03/2011 20:52, Steven Rostedt wrote:
On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 02:15:26PM +0100, Eric Valette wrote:

Trying to compile 2.6.38, I found the follwoing bug. Compiler barks...

New compiler? (new binutils more likely)

Maybe. I use debian unstable + experimental and upgrade packages almost

You probably have new binutils.

What does "as --version" give you. Binutils 2.21... ?

Well I found the problem at work and I'm home now but since I use the same distrib and just updated, its probably the same.

as --version
GNU assembler (GNU Binutils for Debian)

So probably most debian user will soon or late have the problem.

I think it was 2.21 that started giving problems.

Sound plausible.

But obviously the begin end is not symmetric as in other function.

Right, there was a discussion before about this causing issues with new
binutils, and I think Ingo or Thomas said that they had patches to fix
these for x86. Which this looks like one.

The old binutils never complained.

Anyway this show once again that the world like symetry and you better remember it ;-) (lock/unlock, malloc free, ...)

Probably a stable candidate for

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