Re: [PATCHv3 3/3] ARM: mx51: Add support for low power suspend on MX51

From: Rtp
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 04:29:47 EST

Sascha Hauer <s.hauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 03:03:07PM -0500, Dinh.Nguyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> +
>> +struct clk *gpc_dvfs_clk;
>> +
>> +static int mx5_suspend_enter(suspend_state_t state)
>> +{
>> + if (gpc_dvfs_clk == NULL)
>> + gpc_dvfs_clk = clk_get(NULL, "gpc_dvfs_clk");
> clk_get can fail and NULL can be a valid clock.

So, I guess one may want to fail here if one can't get the clock. The
suspend will fail in hard to debug way if this clock is not enabled
at this point.

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