Support for ARM940T core Samsung S3C2510A MCU under Linux

From: Madhavi Manchala
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 05:19:00 EST

Dear All,

I have one basic question about the architecture files in Linux
kernels. We have a board with Samsung S3C2510A MCU (ARM940T core)
which is a no-mmu based CPU. I heard that "there was not a lot of ARM
no-mmu support at the moment" from Ben Dooks.

So, I started developing the architecture files for my Samsung
S3C2510A MCU (ARM940T core) by looking at the existing S3C2410A
(ARM920 core) architecture files. Is this my porting (developing the
architecture files) correct?

How can I port the Linux on to my board which has a Samsung S3C2510A
MCU (ARM940T core) which is a NO-MMU based CPU?

Thanks for your suggestions / hints / comments.

Thanks and Regards,
Madhavi M.
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