Re: Feedback please: [PATCH] leds: New PCEngines Alix LED driverusing gpio interface

From: Ed W
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 13:04:31 EST

Hi Andres

Thanks for your feedback!

>> Additionally it relies on parts of the patch: 7f131cf3ed
>> by: Daniel Mack <daniel@xxxxxxxx> to perform detection of the Alix
>> board

>> - * Copyright (C) 2008 Constantin Baranov <const@xxxxxxxx>
> This copyright line should not be removed, so long as parts of the
> original driver (such as alix_present) remain.

Thanks for guidance here.

Can I ask for further thought on this - there is very close to zero
original driver present, and although I had better do some more diffs to
be sure, I think you would see the only common code was the #includes, a
"force" param and a few other { }s?

I did deliberately reuse the "alix_present" function, but this appears
to be written by Daniel Mack and contributed in patch: 7f131cf3ed -
however, Daniel is not listed in the current copyright statement on the
module (I did copy him and Constantin in on this patch so that either
might object?). Also I have tried to show this code attribution in the
commit statement?

I have also noted in the code that this is based on leds-net5501.c - is
this a sufficient and normal attribution?

Can someone offer a final "ruling" as to how I should state the
copyright line given that the code was written by taking the
leds-net5501.c skeleton and approximately applying the commit
7f131cf3ed, to give the current code?

Many thanks

Ed W
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