Re: X32 psABI status update

From: Michael Matz
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 04:20:46 EST


On Sun, 20 Mar 2011, H.J. Lu wrote:

> I don't think it will help x32 and I think it will make it harder to add
> x32 support. I still want to see a real usage before I add it.

% cat real-world.c
/* intptr_t; what's that? */
union space_saving_htab_element {
void *generic_pointer;
/* Usually we need a long for a pointer, but I just figured out
that on x32 an int is enough and smaller. My program
now needs half as much memory, supi! */
#ifdef __x32__
unsigned int as_number;
unsigned long as_number;

PS: Of course you and I wouldn't write such code, but Mikes point was that
there might be some that do. I could probably construct an example where
it would matter for real involving inline asm that for some reason has to
slightly differ depending on x32-ness.
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