Re: [ANNOUNCE] lsscsi 0.25 beta 1, adds --size

From: Douglas Gilbert
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 13:13:30 EST

On 11-03-11 09:33 PM, Douglas Gilbert wrote:
Martin Petersen recently sent me some patches
to add a --size (or '-s') option to lsscsi:

# lsscsi -s
[0:0:0:0] disk ATA INTEL SSD 2CV1 /dev/sda 80.0GB
[10:0:0:0] disk Linux scsi_debug 0004 /dev/sdb 1.09TB

Martin and I had several hacks at this. Getting
utilities to work reliably with sysfs across various
kernel versions continues to be a crap shoot. So
I am putting this out as a beta and hoping that
anyone with problems will contact me (or Martin).

Note that this logic decodes /sys/block/sda/size
(for example) so disks that are present but without
a block interface (e.g. physical disks in a RAID)
will not have a size shown ('-' is shown instead).

Version 0.25 beta 1 is available at:
More information can be found on that page including examples
and a Download section for the tarball:
There are no debian or redhat packages built for this beta.

Version 0.25 2011/03/04 [svn: r91]
- add sas_port and fc_remote_ports transport information
- print enclosure_device entry
- add '--size' option to show size of disks
- add '--protmode' option to show protection information mode

Version 0.24 2010/06/12 [svn: r83]

Recent versions of lsscsi will fail to show block
devices with recent kernels (e.g. lk 2.6.37 and
lk 2.6.38) that have these .config settings:

What will they dream up for _DEPRECATED_V3 ?

Doug Gilbert

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