Re: [patch 1/5] x84_64, apic: Use probe routines to simplify apicselection

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Mon May 16 2011 - 05:04:21 EST

* Cyrill Gorcunov <gorcunov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, this should be a cleaner step but it requires some more code churn
> that is why I think Suresh' approach is pretty well done! Ingo, probably we
> could do so on *top* of this changes as only time permits? The problem is
> that I personally can't guarantee I continue working on the task this week,
> if Suresh is able to -- this would be great, if not -- probably even such
> minimal disturbing patch worth merging, it definitley makes code better I
> think ;)

We can do it on top, but within the series please. The APIC mess is not
improving so we only want to merge features that are done cleanly.


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