Re: [PATCH V5 2/6 net-next] netdevice.h: Add zero-copy flag innetdevice

From: Shirley Ma
Date: Wed May 18 2011 - 10:39:07 EST

On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 13:40 +0200, MichaÅ MirosÅaw wrote:
> >> >> Not more other restrictions, skb clone is OK. pskb_expand_head()
> looks
> >> >> OK to me from code review.
> >> > Hmm. pskb_expand_head calls skb_release_data while keeping
> >> > references to pages. How is that ok? What do I miss?
> >> It's making copy of the skb_shinfo earlier, so the pages refcount
> >> stays the same.
> > Exactly. But the callback is invoked so the guest thinks it's ok to
> > change this memory. If it does a corrupted packet will be sent out.
> Hmm. I tool a quick look at skb_clone(), and it looks like this
> sequence will break this scheme:
> skb2 = skb_clone(skb...);
> kfree_skb(skb) or pskb_expand_head(skb); /* callback called */
> [use skb2, pages still referenced]
> kfree_skb(skb); /* callback called again */
> This sequence is common in bridge, might be in other places.
> Maybe this ubuf thing should just track clones? This will make it work
> on all devices then.

The callback was only invoked when last reference of skb was gone.
skb_clone does increase skb refcnt. I tested tcpdump on lower device, it

For the sequence of:

skb_clone -> last refcnt + 1
kfree_skb() or pskb_expand_head -> callback not called
kfree_skb() -> callback called

I will check page refcount to see whether it's balanced.


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