Re: [PATCH] drm/i915/sdvo: Reorder i2c initialisation before ddcproxy

From: Mihai Moldovan
Date: Wed May 18 2011 - 12:08:43 EST

* On 18.05.2011 04:40 PM, Keith Packard wrote:
I've marked this as reviewed, added your additional explanation and
merged it to drm-intel-next. Seems like it might like a cc to stable?

At the very least it works for me.

So far those special conditions seem to be rare, as the only other reference I found was this bug report against the Ubuntu kernel:

(I'm using vanilla, besides the Reiser4 patch.)

I guess it'll hit more i915 users once distros ship 3.6.37 and up.

Thanks again!

As a side note, I'm also seeing those GMBUS and MTRR allocation failures, although I think that's pretty harmless.

Cleaned up kernel log ring buffer output:

I admit that I have no idea what GMBUS is and how critical it is, any information on this? It seems to be linked to I2C as well, so I suspect yet another hidden bug (though so far with no manifestation).

MTRR allocation may also fail due to BIOS settings, given a similar report on (Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 board). I've got an Intel DQ45CB board (w/ Intel ICH10 chipset), but Fan control is set to automatic, too. Sounds familiar and may explain this issue. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see whether I still have allocation failures or they are gone when switching the fan control mode.

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