Re: [PATCH] tcp: Implement a two-level initial RTO as per draft RFC 2988bis-02.

From: tsuna
Date: Thu May 19 2011 - 03:07:34 EST

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 11:52 PM, Alexander Zimmermann
<alexander.zimmermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So we're talking about a [200ms ; 120s] range no matter what.
> Why is 200ms a valid lower bound for initRTO? I'm aware of
> measurements that 1s is save for Internet, but I don't know of any
> studies that 200ms is save...

The constants that are quoted aren't specific to the initRTO. They're
used to bound the RTO as it gets adjusted during the TCP session. See
`tcp_set_rto' in tcp_input.c for reference.

Benoit "tsuna" Sigoure
Software Engineer @
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