Re: [PATCH] gpio: New driver for the Intel 82801 (ICH) GPIO pins

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Thu May 19 2011 - 07:35:22 EST

Hi Alan, Grant,

On Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:47:07 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > And a technical question (which makes me feel somewhat ashamed as I
> > guess I really should know the answer): the ICH is using I/O ports for
> > GPIO control, not a memory mapping. Would basic_mmio_gpio work for it
> > still?
> basic_mmio_gpio would need to use iomap for this and a lot of platforms
> don't support generic iomap - so no it won't.
> You don't generally want want to create sub platform devices anyway
> without care as it makes sysfs, pci removal and power management ugly and
> takes up *more* memory than repeating the code in the first places.

OK, so given that I can't use basic_mmio_gpio and Alan thinks that
having an independent driver is the way to go anyway, is there any
chance to get my code reviewed and merged? I am using it since the day
I submitted it (one month ago), it appears to work fine for me, and
it is a mandatory piece to support SMBus multiplexing on many x86 server
boards. I'd like to see it happen in kernel 2.6.40.

I can resend the patch if it helps, but I did not make any change to
the code since the first submission.

Jean Delvare
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