Re: kernel 2.6.39 (user mode linux) crashes (2.6.38 works fine)

From: richard -rw- weinberger
Date: Fri May 20 2011 - 03:56:08 EST

2011/5/20 Toralf Förster <toralf.foerster@xxxxxx>:
> ...
> Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel mode fault at addr 0x0, ip 0x80a9f6b

Looks like a NULL-pointer bug.
What code is at address 80a9f6b?
Use "objdump -d -S | less" to find it.
Please note, kernel binary and log message have to match!

> The file /var/log/messages of the UML says :
> 2011-05-20T09:33:03.455+02:00 n22_uml kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------
> 2011-05-20T09:33:03.455+02:00 n22_uml kernel: WARNING: at kernel/futex.c:789 wake_futex+0x28/0x60()

Is this really 2.6.39?
Line 789 contains no WARN*().

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