Re: [PATCH] gma500: Skip bogus LVDS VBT mode and check for LVDSbefore adding backlight (try 2)

From: Alan Cox
Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 09:40:27 EST

> Will it go into 2.6.40-rc1?

I hope so.

> The issue is that I'm not getting any EDID from the display. Could be
> the GMBus getting in the way or that the SDVO IO mapping isn't set up
> properly before sending the SDVO_CMD_SET_CONTROL_BUS_SWITCH command.
> I've been fiddling quite a lot with it but nothing seems to work, so

I'm also not clear if the i²c mapping is always the same. Certainly this
is a problem on Moorestown/Oaktrail in some cases.

> instead I took the current SDVO code (and large parts of the output
> handling) from the i915 driver and crammed it into gma500. That did
> the trick (though it's not currently talking to crtc abstraction
> properly).


> So my question is, do you think we should incorporate the new and more
> feature complete output handling from the i915 into gma500? We might
> even start sharing that code between gma500 and i915. If that is
> something you like to avoid we can of course keep working on our
> current output code.

Importing the code seems reasonable. KeithP didn't want it shared when I
asked him, but importing it and having the same code in many areas is the
first step to sharing anyway.

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