[GIT PULL] SLAB updates for v2.6.40-rc0

From: Pekka Enberg
Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 12:56:28 EST

Hi Linus,

Here's bunch of fixes and cleanups to the SLUB allocator. Bulk of them are
related to the lockless fastpaths but there's also some preparational work on
lockless slowpaths that will hopefully appear in v2.6.41.


The following changes since commit caebc160ce3f76761cc62ad96ef6d6f30f54e3dd:
Linus Torvalds (1):
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/.../ryusuke/nilfs2

are available in the git repository at:

ssh://master.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/penberg/slab-2.6.git for-linus

Christoph Lameter (10):
slub: Use NUMA_NO_NODE in get_partial
slub: get_map() function to establish map of free objects in a slab
slub: Eliminate repeated use of c->page through a new page variable
slub: Move node determination out of hotpath
slub: Move debug handlign in __slab_free
slub: Remove CONFIG_CMPXCHG_LOCAL ifdeffery
slub: Avoid warning for !CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG
slub: Make CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGE_ALLOC work with new fastpath
slub: Remove node check in slab_free
slub: Deal with hyperthetical case of PAGE_SIZE > 2M

David Rientjes (1):
slub: avoid label inside conditional

Li Zefan (1):
slub: Fix a typo in config name

Pekka Enberg (1):
Merge branch 'slab/next' into for-linus

include/linux/slub_def.h | 8 +-
mm/slub.c | 165 ++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
2 files changed, 69 insertions(+), 104 deletions(-)
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