RE: [PATCH 1/1] Clocksource: Move the Hyper-V clocksource driverout of staging

From: KY Srinivasan
Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 15:05:35 EST

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/1] Clocksource: Move the Hyper-V clocksource driver out
> of staging
> > +#include <linux/version.h>
> This one shouldn't be needed.

Correct; I will fix this.
> > +#include <asm/hyperv.h>
> > +#include <asm/mshyperv.h>
> not really a review for this driver, but what's the purpose if having
> these two headers?

These header files have the defines for checking if we are running on

> Shouldn't the Kconfig entry also move from drivers/staging to
> arch/x86 towards the other clocksources?

Currently this driver is built if HYPERV is defined. I agree with you
that I should have Kconfig entry in arch/x86. Since the rest of the
Hyper-V drivers are still in staging, I am thinking that perhaps we should
have a different config switch - HYPERV_CLKSRC. I will go ahead and
spin a new version of this patch with this change.


K. Y
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