cdc_ncm: Ericsson F5521gw appears as usbX, while Ericsson F3507g as wwanX

From: Stefan Metzmacher
Date: Wed Jun 01 2011 - 06:08:52 EST


commit e1e499eef2200c2a7120c9ebf297d48b195cf887
"usbnet: Use wwan%d interface name for mobile broadband devices"
introducted the FLAG_WWAN flag and caused the Ericsson F3507g
modem to appear as wwanX device instead of usbX.

commit c261344d3ce3edac781f9d3c7eabe2e96d8e8fe8
"usbnet: use eth%d name for known ethernet devices"
introduced the FLAG_POINTTOPOINT and added it to
the cdc_ncm modules without the FLAG_ETHER.

I'm wondering if the FLAG_POINTTOPOINT (without FLAG_ETHER)
should be changed to FLAG_WWAN instead.

I've changed that for the cdc_ncm driver in order to make Ericsson F5521gw
appear as wwanX, but I'm not sure if it's correct for all devices which
are supported by the cdc_ncm driver.

Maybe this should apply to all drivers in drivers/net/usb?

The following patch is just an example of what I'm currently using,
a possible upstream patch may need to look differently.

Comments please.


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