Re: [PATCH] memcg: do not expose uninitialized mem_cgroup_per_node to world

From: Hiroyuki Kamezawa
Date: Wed Jun 01 2011 - 19:10:19 EST

>pc = list_entry(list->prev, struct page_cgroup, lru);

Hmm, I disagree your patch is a fix for mainline. At least, a cgroup
before completion of
create() is not populated to userland and you never be able to rmdir()
it because you can't
find it.

>26: e8 7d 12 30 00 call 0x3012a8
>2b:* 8b 73 08 mov 0x8(%ebx),%esi <-- trapping
>2e: 8b 7c 24 24 mov 0x24(%esp),%edi
>32: 8b 07 mov (%edi),%eax

Hm, what is the call 0x3012a8 ?

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