Re: bridge/netfilter: regression in

From: Alexander Holler
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 02:58:18 EST


Am 04.06.2011 14:04, schrieb Alexander Holler:

Anyway, I've used the broken way of not using git send-email because I'm
unsure if the solution I've offered is the best one. I'm lacking the
knowledge about what cow_metrics() does, what it is used for, and what,
if any, pre- or post-requisites are needed to use

I can only say that my solution seems to work here, the machine comes up
without an oops and I didn't have seen any other problems while using
the bridge (which surely doesn't say anything, e.g. I'm not sure if my
use of dst_cow_metrics_generic() may introduce a mem leak or similiar,
it doesn't look so, but who knows).

After having a second look at dst_cow_metrics_generic(), it seems my patch does introduce a small mem leak which occurs when the bridge will be build as a module and the module gets unloaded. Then the static struct dst_ops fake_dst_ops disappears and with that the memory allocated by dst_cow_metrics_generic() is lost. I'm not sure which of the dst*-functions should be called before the module gets unloaded. Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of the that stuff could have a look at that.
Or maybe just changing the true in the call to dst_cow_metrics_generic() in br_netfilter_rtable_init() to false instead of adding dst_cow_metrics_generic() to fake_dst_ops() is an alternative. As I said, I don't know what that metric-stuff does and what it is used for.


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