Re: [PATCH v5 9/9] x86-64: Add CONFIG_UNSAFE_VSYSCALLS to feature-removal-schedule

From: Andrew Lutomirski
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 16:51:52 EST

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Linus Torvalds
<torvalds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We *definitely* don't want to name it in a way that makes some random
> person just turn it off because it's scary, since the random person
> *shouldn't* turn it off today. Comprende?

Yes, and fixed in the cleaned up version.

> And the annoying part about the whole patch series is how the whole
> re-sending has gone on forever.

If I have the patch-resending protocol wrong, please enlighten me.
I'm not sure how to make future work less annoying.

> Just pick some approach, do it, and
> don't even bother making it a config option for now. If we can replace
> the vsyscall page with a page fault or int3 or whatever, and it's only
> used for the 'time()' system call, just do it.


I won't personally complain about the 200+ ns hit, but I'm sure
someone will cc: me on a regression report if there's no option.

> The series is now extended with the cleanup patches so the end result
> looks reasonable, but why have the whole "first implement it, then
> clean it up" and sending it as a whole series. That's annoying. Just
> send the cleaned-up end result to begin with.

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