Re: [PATCH 1/3] atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>

From: Arun Sharma
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 17:06:12 EST

On 6/6/11 1:55 PM, Eric Dumazet wrote:

OK, you moved atomic_inc_not_zero() into include/linux/atomic.h without
telling so in Changelog.

Reviewed-by: Eric Dumazet<eric.dumazet@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for the review. I amended the commit message as follows:

commit 283188caee98f9c106ee943374589571939ca75a
Author: Arun Sharma <asharma@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue May 31 11:11:10 2011 -0700

atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>

This allows us to move duplicated code in <asm/atomic.h>
(atomic_inc_not_zero() for now) to <linux/atomic.h>

More cleanup patches to follow.

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