Re: [PATCH v5 8/9] x86-64: Emulate legacy vsyscalls

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Tue Jun 07 2011 - 05:08:35 EST

* david@xxxxxxx <david@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> > why are you cutting out in all those mails of yours what i
> > already told you many times? the original statement from Andy was
> > about the int cc path vs. the pf path: he said that the latter
> > would not tolerate a few well predicted branches (if they were
> > put there at all, that is) because the pf handler is such a
> > critical fast path code. it is *not*. it can't be by almost
> > definition given how much processing it has to do (it is by far
> > one of the most complex of cpu exceptions to process).
> it seems to me that such a complicated piece of code that is
> executed so frequently is especially sensitive to anything that
> makes it take longer


Firstly, fully handling the most important types of minor page faults
takes about 2000 cycles on modern x86 hardware - just two cycles
overhead is 0.1% overhead and in the kernel we are frequently doing
0.01% optimizations as well ...

Secondly, we optimize the branch count, even if they are
well-predicted: the reason is to reduce the BTB footprint which is a
limited CPU resource like the TLB. Every BTB entry we use up reduces
the effective BTB size visible to user-space applications.

Thirdly, we always try to optimize L1 instruction cache footprint in
fastpaths as well and new instructions increase the icache footprint.

Fourthly, the "single branch overhead" is the *best case* that is
rarely achieved in practice: often there are other instructions such
as the compare instruction that precedes the branch ...

These are the reasons why we did various micro-optimizations in the
past like:

b80ef10e84d8: x86: Move do_page_fault()'s error path under unlikely()
92181f190b64: x86: optimise x86's do_page_fault (C entry point for the page fault path)
74a0b5762713: x86: optimize page faults like all other achitectures and kill notifier cruft

So if he argues that a single condition does not matter to our page
fault fastpath then that is just crazy talk and i'd not let him close
to the page fault code with a ten foot pole.


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