Re: [PATCHES v3] pci/of: Generic PCI <-> OF matching

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Tue Jun 07 2011 - 17:38:12 EST

> > No significant changes (other than a rebase) nor new feedback since last
> > time, I've also added a few acks I got. But not worth spamming the list
> > with a re-post.
> >
> > I'd like this to go into -next now so it can hit the next merge window,
> > unless somebody objects.
> >
> > I've put the series in a branch "of-pci" of my powerpc.git repo at:
> >
> > git:// of-pci
> >
> > Please let me know if you're ok (and maybe give me Ack's) and I'll ask
> > Stephen to add it to next.
> Yeah, the generic bits look good to me, you can add my
> Acked-by: Jesse Barnes <jbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Great. Will do. I'll ask Stephen to that that in -next then and will ask
Linus to pull directly at the next merge window, separately from
powerpc.git (tho I might actually end up pulling that tree into
powerpc.git too as I might end up with stuff that depends on it).


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