Re: [PATCH v4 10/10] x86, efi: EFI boot stub support

From: Maarten Lankhorst
Date: Sat Oct 01 2011 - 03:50:55 EST

Hi Matt,

On 09/30/2011 10:11 PM, Matt Fleming wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-09-30 at 12:24 -0400, Shea Levy wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> I would like to test this patch series (My EFI systems are MBP 5,5, Asus
>> p8p67 pro, and the VirtualBox EFI setup). Will you want to hear the
>> results? If so, is there a specific procedure or set of things to test
>> that you'll want to know about? Also, other than patch 10 should I use
>> the v3 version of the patches sent to this list, or is there a better
>> place to pull the patches from?
> Hi Shea,
> I'd definitely like to hear the results if you could try it out on your
> machines! There's no specific procedure to try, just try to break it ;-)
> You can find the patches at the top of the 'x86/efi-stub' branch at,
Cute, I think you reintroduced the same bug in v4 with load_options_size ;)

Shouldn't it be /= 2 ?

Conditionally-signed-off-by-if-fixed-in-v5: Maarten Lankhorst <m.b.lankhorst@xxxxxxxxx>

Still would love to see ASCII support though :(

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